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Google Buzz, a rival Twitter & Facebook from Google

Facebook and Twitter fame was the envy of Google. It's not an easy matter to captivate the netter in the world to be incorporated in a new social networking website. Aware of that fact, Google took another step that is more courageous and more creative.

Product combines old and new. That is ultimately where pilihn Google introduced Google is now the realm of cyberspace Buzz. What is Google's Buzz?

Still in the context of the social networking world in general, Google Buzz offers the ease in which we can share writing, photos, links and even videos. Only difference this time all you can do with just using Gmail alone. Without the bother of this set is. Google's own party hoped that the forward side of the familiar Gmail and Google's popularity will make it easier Buzz received and digested its users in a short time. Gmail is now loved by 180 million users around the world, without a doubt provide Buzz with Google's mainstay features 5 to compete in the world of social networking.

The first feature is Auto-following. This feature automatically build their own network without the hassle you need to follow someone to connect to each other. Google Buzz will automatically connect you with people who used to chat or send an email using your Gmail account. Of course this means, only the people closest to you who can access your content, so you need not fear will appear spam-spam that is not obvious source.

The second feature is the integration of Gmail itself. Gmail now are experiencing a lot of progress from time to time. Especially with the addition of Google's features Buzz, it reportedly now has integrated Google Buzz with Picasa, Google Reader, Flickr and Twitter. In the future Google Google also wants to integrate with other Buzz again.

The third feature is the concept of a combination of skills possessed by Facebook and Twitter, where we can do public and private sharing. From Twitter, Google is adapting its content to be in the index that will be seen later on what topics are popular today. While from Facebook, Google adapted content can be sent addressed to certain people only you want to share.

Features integrate keempt inboxes and Buzz's own items. Every conversation in Gmail groups and their comments will go into the inbox. Plus, the addition of the Recommended Buzz, which is the way content automation that might make you interested or are popular among your friends.

The fifth feature is an extension to the mobile world. Seeing the development of the mobile web is now a drastic increase even very influential, Google does not forget to integrate these features into its mobile version. Now you can access Google Buzz from anywhere and anytime using a device your iPhone or Android. You also can visit the mobile web at the URL: and also via Mobile Maps. With it, you can see Buzz is sent directly from the people who are located near you now. Well, wait let alone, be a leader to try new flavors of social networking world this Google style.

Electric Cigarette

Like electrical mosquito without smoke, smoking is also not produce smoke.
Name cigarette Electronic Cigarette Smoking Everywhere. Cigarette smoking still look like normal, so is it. But this advantage is the cigarette does not contain TAR and other harmful substances.
Because of this electric cigarette, the cigarette does not require fire
Cigarettes are getting power from a lithium battery can be recharged like Mobile ..
The price is $ 49.99 or around Rp.500.000

Nintendo DS Latest Release

LONDON - The presence of the portable game console beginning ogled many circles, even as Nintendo DS sales in Europe showed encouraging results. Instead, Nintendo ready to release a new generation of DS with bigger screens.

"In Europe, sales of our portable game console is extraordinary. That's why we will release a new generation of DS with a wider screen in the UK. The possibility that the device be present at the upcoming March 5," said Nintendo spokesman, who cited Yahoo Tech, Friday.

Later, the latest display of the portable game console Nintendo has size 93 percent larger than the DS Lite, this device itself is called Nintendo DSI XL.

While two screens embedded games make the game like Mario Kart, Zelda Legend and Spirit Tracks, become more violent with different experiences. Game nuanced education will also be increased Nintendo as their vision as a family console.

While the European elections as the reason for initial sale of DSI XL because, since released in 2005, DS has sold 40 million, for the calculation of the market in Europe alone.



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